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Hi! My name is Barbara. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Advertising Arts from the University of Santo Tomas. For 6 years I have worked as a Customer Service Representative for American accounts. I have been exposed to their native language for a long period of time which has helped me become more proficient in English. I enjoy reading books and watching movies during my spare time. But what I love most is spending time with my family at home cuddling with my kids and storytelling.


I used to teach Korean students and I enjoyed it so much. My specialty is conversational English with the correct usage of Grammar.  During our classes, I make sure that it is filled with techniques and strategies that will make learning fun and easy.  And as a teacher, I share my opinions, views and knowledge that can inspire my students to continue with their studies.  I enjoy talking about traditions and cultures so that my student and I get to know each other even better. It is very enriching to know that Asians have practices that are similar. And it’s fascinating to learn new things too.

之 前教過韓國學生,我最擅長的部分是英文對話,藉由對話的過程,讓學生學習正確的文法使用。在我的課堂上,我會用各種技巧和教學策略讓學習更容易、更有效。 而且以一個老師的角度,和學生分享我對事物的看法、知識和建議,希望能對學習帶來啟發。我喜歡藉由討論不同的傳統和文化來拉近與學生的距離。畢竟亞洲國家 還是有許多相近的習俗,而且可以增加彼此的知識也是很有趣的。

I believe that the essence of learning English aside from being able to speak and write the language is that it makes a person fill in the gap to have a harmonious relationship with others through communication. Teaching English for me is a very rewarding opportunity to meet and help students to reach their full potential. I look forward to teaching you too... at! Talk to you soon!




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