blog-kathy    風趣又好玩的凱希老師 (Teacher Kathy)


Hello! My name is Kathrina, but you can call me Kathy. I’ve been an ESL Instructor to different students for 3 years. In fact, I love talking to different people. I learn a lot from them and I can share my knowledge too. I can help you build confidence in using the language. It might seem quite difficult, but learning English is fun! You get to understand Hollywood movies, speak to foreigners and boost your self-confidence!


I handled different level of students before; from beginners to quite advanced students. I can adjust to my student’s needs if needed. I am fun to talk with, and bubbly. Others say I’m cheerful. I tend to understand how they feel, so I don’t put pressure in learning the language. I believe that in order to be successful in one thing, we need to love and enjoy what we are doing.


I like to read books and watch cartoons. I am also interested in different cultures and places. I would like to travel and visit different places and meet different people. So, hope to talk to you soon, and let’s have fun learning English!!


教學經歷(年) Teaching Experience (Year):

超過3年 more than 3 years

適合學員:Suitable level:
1級~7級 Level 1~Level 7

英文教學專長Teaching Professional Specialty :
Pronunciation, Grammar, Daily Conversation, TOEIC


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