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My name is Rose Ann A. Guanizo. I studied Bachelor of Secondary Education with a major in English at Bicol University College of Education. I am a very open-minded kind of person, open to possibilities and always seeking for improvement in the things that I do because I strongly believe in the adage that “we cannot teach what we do not have.” I can say that I am also a very dedicated kind of person that is, I am willing to give my best in everything that I do.

我是Rose(蘿絲)老師,我擁有Bicol University College of Education(彼科教育大學)的教育學位,主修英文系。我的個性相當的自由、開放,非常勇於嘗試新的事物。而且我會不斷要求自己進步再進步,因為我相信在教授他人之前一定得先充實自我。我同時也是個相當專注的人,不管是什麼事情我都絕對全力以赴。

I experienced working in a call center industry and stayed in the business for six months handling technical and customer support issues. I also have experience teaching Koreans online. As of the moment I am affiliated with St. Joseph School of Pandacan and I am teaching both elementary and high school students English subjects as well as speech.


It has always been my passion to teach and educate people, especially youth. That is the reason why I am here and will be glad if would be given the opportunity to be a part of your growing family. I strongly believe when it comes to learning, there are no barriers, no walls, hindrances, nor racism. As long as we have the drive and passion to do it, we will all succeed.



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