U.S. workers love-hate their smartphones while on vacation-poll調查顯示 美國員工放假時對智慧型手機又愛又恨


More than half of U.S. workers would prefer a root canal than to work during vacation, but they cave in to bosses’ demands by using mobile technology on their down time, a new Harris poll showed.


Mobile devices let people stay connected with work 24/7, which is both "revolutionary and a curse," said Terrie Campbell, vice president, strategic marketing at the global technology company Ricoh Americas Corp, which commissioned the poll.


"At some point, employees need permission to turn off the work email, relax and re-charge while they’re on vacation," Campbell said. "If they can’t leave the office behind, what’s the point of vacation?"


The poll of 2,071 U.S. adults showed that Americans struggle to take real time off from work, with 30 percent using their smartphone for work-related purposes while relaxing at their favorite vacation spot.


About 51 percent of U.S. adults would rather have a root canal than work while on vacation, but 54 percent said their bosses expected them to stay connected during their time away. About 67 percent said family members get upset when a loved one works while on vacation.(Reuters)



cave in:片語,屈服、投降,被迫讓步。例句:The manager caved in to his demands. (經理被迫對他的要求讓步。)

leave behind:片語,留下;把……遺留在後面。例句:We had not left any of our belongings behind. (我們的行李沒有遺漏掉的。)

time off:課餘或工作以外的休息或娛樂時間。例句:We’re too busy to take time off. (我們忙到沒有時間休息。)

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