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Hi! My name is Teacher Casey . My star sign is Libra and I am born in the year of the monkey. As a Libran, I am naturally born being fair and balanced at all times. If circumstances call for judgment, I weigh things in a fair manner to see the general well-being of both sides. I am currently taking Bachelor of Secondary Education-Major in English while I teach in our Church every Sunday and handle students of different ages.


I enjoy listening to different people who talk about their stories in life. I listen well and don't immediately give feedback if it is not necessary. Why? Because "Learning starts from listening". If you pay attention to the stories and experiences of other people, you will learn things that you can also apply in your daily life. "Knowledge is not typically reserved on a brainy elite". Anyone can get wisdom as long as you seek wisdom in every opportunity...and listening is one of the simplest but an effective way to gain knowledge.
我喜歡聽不同的人說著自己的故事,我仔細地聆聽,除非必須,否則我不會馬上的給予回應。為什麼呢?? 因為”學習永遠來自於聆聽”,如果你能夠專心聆聽人們的經驗及故事,你就能有所收穫。”知識不只是來自於頭腦裡的東西,”任何人都可以獲得智慧;如果你可以從任何大小事中得到體認,而『聆聽』就是最簡單但也最有效率的方式去獲得智慧。

People are created uniquely. They create different tones and harmony. My students and I can create a good harmony in learning. I hope to learn with you the English language, as well as guide you in maximizing its utilization.


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