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 Hello there! You can call me Teacher Isel. I'm 28 years old and was born under the sign of Virgo. As a Virgo-born, I am analytical most of the time. I'm also good at reading a person's character. Since I always do the first move to know people, I would say I am congenial. People see me as a jolly, happy-go-lucky and independent person.

哈囉! 大家可以叫我Isel老師。我今年28歲,處女座。身為一個處女座的人,大部分時候的我是擅於分析事情,也擅於讀一個人的性格。因為我總是主動會去認識別人,所以我會說自己是很和善而有協調性的。人們會認為我是一位快活、隨遇而安而且獨立自主的人。

My degree in Secondary Education Major in Social Studies proved useful teaching English on-line for almost five years. I've handled students of different ages ranging from tots to businessmen or professionals. I experienced teaching one-on-one via phone and video and handled group classes of teens and university students as well.


In my five years as a teacher, I have mastered teaching IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL and SAT. I taught kids how to read using a story book, while using conversational English as well as Business English to professionals.


I would say that I'm well-equipped as a teacher because I have handled different levels of students from beginner to advanced. So I assure my students that they will learn a lot from me everyday, especially if they'll speak their mind and participate in class. If my students want a bright future using English as their weapons, they should expose themselves to the English world.






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