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Hi everyone! My name is James and I am from Chicago, U.S.A. I have been living and working in Taiwan for about a year now. Taiwan to me has been an exciting and friendly place. People all around me are very friendly and helpful. There are always plenty of beautiful and scenic places to visit. Also, Taiwanese food is amazing! I often find myself going to the “night markets” to find out what’s new and delicious to eat.

大家好!我叫做 James,來自美國芝加哥。至今,我在台灣待了約一年的時間,覺得台灣是個處處有驚喜、又充滿人情味的地方。我周遭的人群都非常友善,也時常對我伸出援手。台灣不但有欣賞不完的美景,更是個不折不扣的美食天堂!我有空時就會跑去夜市,品嚐一種又一種的新奇小吃。

I majored in the field of education and teaching is my passion. Some of my teaching experiences include teaching in public schools in the U.S., S. Korea and finally here in Taiwan. I love sharing new information with people in a fun and entertaining way. I also enjoy listening to other people’s viewpoints and experiences. I understand that each person learns in a different and unique way, and harnessing and connecting their ideas will make learning more meaningful. My goal is to make learning English interpersonal and useful to all my students. Above all, I hope I can help increase fluency and self-confidence by involving you in many fun and relaxing English driven conversations.


All in all, I look forward to speaking with all of you. I am honored and delighted to be your teacher and to begin your wonderful English learning adventure together!




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