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 Every week we ask you a different question. Hear what people in London say, then join the conversation! How important is honesty to you? Is it ever okay to be dishonest?

Here's what people in London said:

How important is honesty to you? 

 "I think it's really important, because when you're honest in little things, you're honest in big things."

"I think honesty is very important, because other people can rely on you when you're honest."

Do you think it's ever okay to be dishonest?

"I guess it’s not okay to be dishonest. It always backfires!"

"Yeah of course - to prevent hurting other people, when the truth will actually hurt people more than the lie. So I think, a little white lie."

"There are times when you can be overly honest. Sometimes some things don’t need to be said."

"I think that being honest to the people that you care about is an important thing, to build the trust between you. But sometimes telling a white lie actually might be better. I would always try and take into consideration someone’s feelings."


Did you know?


We often think we can tell whether someone is lying. However, research has shown that we're not really good at spotting a liar.

Language tip

We say 'tell the truth' not 'say the truth.'

Cultural tip

In Britain, a lot of people believe that used car salesmen and estate agents are more dishonest than other people!


1. honesty[ˋɑnɪstɪ]正直; 誠實; 坦率   


2. rely on 依賴,信任

3. backfire vi. 事與願違

4. white lie ph. 片語 無惡意的謊言

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