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Hi! This is Teacher Iris! English is not as hard as you may think. I truly believe that "Practice makes perfect!" and the most important thing in learning English is that "Don't be afraid to express yourself and don't be afraid of making mistakes!" Because once you make mistakes, you will learn from mistakes. That is the reason why we are here to help you with your English. Hi!Tutor is a great place for you to learn and practice your English ability, so join us and explore the wonder of English.
Hi,我是Iris老師! 其實學英文並不如你想像中的困難,我相當同意「熟能生巧」這句話!
學習英文最重要的就是 ""不要怕表達自己,更不要怕犯錯"" 。因為犯錯,可以從錯誤中學習,並且更能加深印象,甚至成長。這也就是為什麼我們在這兒幫助你學習英文。Hi Tutor是一個讓你學習和訓練英文能力的好地方。所以快加入我們並一同探索英文的奇妙吧!

A brief introduction of myself: I immigrated to South Africa at age of nine, so I had a proper English education background. I came back to Taiwan to study in NTU (National Taiwan University) I also went to Canada to continue my study for two years.
我簡單的自我介紹一下: 我九歲就移民到南非,所以有接受完整的英文教育,後來回到台灣(台灣大學)完成我的學業,之後還到加拿大進修兩年。

I’ve been teaching and tutoring English since my college life. I mainly teach Junior high school grammar and conversations; GEPT, daily conversations and business conversations.

Teaching Experience (Year): 7 years
教學經歷(年):7 年

Teaching Professional Specialty : Grammar, pronunciation, daily conversation, business English.

Teaching experiences: Grammar(especially in Junior high school and high school grades), Pronunciation, Reading, Business conversation


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