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I am Teacher Cheng. I used to work as an English Proficiency Trainer for a call center in the Philippines. I provided refresher courses in English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation for all incoming employees. I also tutor grade school and high school students on the side. I help them with their homework and review their daily lessons in English and Literature.

我是Tr. Cheng,之前是菲律賓call center的英語語言訓練師,專門負責訓練新進員工的英文文法、英文字彙和英文發音課程。我也教小學和高中學生,幫他們看作業,並檢討日常英語和文學課程。

My teaching style differs from student to student. I'd like to get to know a little bit about my students first, especially their interests and hobbies. I often use examples in class that are related to their interests so it'll be easier for them to understand and remember the lesson. I also encourage my students to ask questions and make clarifications in class.


To me, English opens a lot of opportunities. Learning English allows students to discover more in the internet, meet more friends, and even read more books and watch movies. To quote something I read in an article once: "Learning English is very important as it impacts your opportunities both personally and professionally."


教學經歷(年) Teaching Experience (Year):
超過2年 more than 2 year

適合學員:Suitable level:
2級~9級 Level 2~Level 9

教學專長Teaching Professional Specialty :
Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Grammar, and Daily Conversation




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