Bigamists beware:Thanks to Facebook, keeping your wives from finding out about each other is almost impossible these days.


A foolish man, 41, has been busted for bigamy after Facebook suggested his two wives be friends.


Love rat Alan O’Neill married in 2001. After he moved out in 2009 he changed his name and remarried without divorcing his wife No.1.


O’Neill’s first wife was apparently totally in the dark about his second marriage. She didn’t notice he had moved on to another woman until Facebook listed wife No. 2 under the "People You May Know" feature.


Facebook suggested O’Neill’s two wives "friend" each other -- leading wife No.1 to discover a picture of her husband and his second wife standing in front of a wedding cake.


The first wife confronted him about the second marriage. Court documents say O’Neill acknowledged that he was in two marriages and told her not to report his other marriage and that he would fix it. But instead she alerted the authorities. He faces up to a year in jail if convicted.



love rat:俚語,愛情騙子。例句:He is such a love rat who just can’t stop cheating on his girlfriends.(他是個愛情大騙子,不停背著女友偷情。)

in the dark about something:片語,對某事不知情。例句:The company kept us in the dark about how many jobs will be slashed.(公司完全不讓我們知道將裁員多少人。)

move on to something/someone:片語,拋開過去的人或事,把焦點轉移到新事物或人。例句:Tom has quickly moved on to someone else after the break-up of a long-term relationship.(湯姆結束一段長期的感情後,已經很快地另結新歡。)


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