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"Hi! This is Teacher Xander and my star sign is Gimini. I teach English as a second language, and I have been working with many students from countries like Korea and Japan. One thing I've noticed so far is that, most students encounter difficulty in studying English, once they start thinking that learning to become good in English is a very hard task. I don't blame my students at all. I know personally that learning a different language is really a challenge.

But what's good about it, is that I like to take on challenges, and if you are too, then listen to my invitation. Join me in a venture to learn English efficiently, through a partnership, built on open communication and comfortability. How exactly do we do that? Through online tutuorials, we can freely discuss our lessons, and in which you will be encouraged to ask about everything that you want to know. I'll be asking you to share your experiences, provide your thoughts about several matters, and in the process, we will be assessing your progress.

So if you are interested and motivated in becoming better in English, let's work together in bringing out the best in you. Again this has been teacher Xander. And remember the best time to learn English is while you're having fun. Have a nice day!
Teaching Experience (Year): 2 years

教學經歷(年) 2年

Level 4~Level 9

Teaching Professional Specialty : Pronunciation, Grammar, Daily Conversation, Business English


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