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Hi! I'm Teacher Jill. I've been teaching English for more than 3 years now. Most of my friends think of me as a quiet and shy person but they actually don't know that I can be crazy and talkative as well. I like trying new things just like everybody else because the novelty of every experience never fails to amuse me.


I wish to try bungee jumping, parasailing & snorkeling someday. I am also very passionate about blogging, updating social networking sites & meeting new friends. I treat every person I meet as someone whom I can learn from.


Through my years of experiencing teaching English, I've learned how to adapt to students' mood & personalities. No matter how serious a topic can be, I can make it fun for you. I've also learned that students are usually knowledgeable about grammar. They only need to be confident enough about their skills to be able to show it. That's when establishing rapport plays an important role. And that's what I focus on in the first meeting. So expect yourself to feel more at ease in speaking the English language with me.


Whatever your purpose is for studying English, you can always be assured that the strategies I will apply in our conversations will be according to your personality and needs. If you are ready to explore your full potential, then there’s no other place to be but at HiTutor. I'm looking forward to having fun sessions with you!

不論你學英文的目的為何,你能夠確信的是,在我的課堂中,我所採用的教學方式,會依據你的個性和需求來調整。假使你準備好來探索你完整的潛能的話,那麼就趕快來HiTutor線上外語專家吧! 我非常期待你一起來加入這充滿趣味的英文課喔!


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