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Hello, my name is Holly and I'm a ESL teacher. I come from the UK and I have been teaching in Taiwan for one year. That year has been thoroughly enjoyable for me and as well as teaching experience I have an 80 hour online TEFL certificate and a 20 hour practical certificate which I got before I went to Taiwan.

哈囉,我是霍莉(Holly),同時,也是一個 ESL教師。我來自英國,在台灣從事英文教學已屆滿一年,這一年對我來說,過得相當愉快,此外,在來到台灣前,我獲取80小時線上的TEFL證書和20小時的實習證書,有著豐富的教學經驗。

So I started my teaching career in Kindergarten which was great fun and incredibly rewarding. It gave me a good first step into teaching and a great understanding of just how different age groups and levels learn. I then went on to teach between the ages of 7 and 17. This enabled me to understand a wide spectrum of student's levels. So through a variety of sentence making games, songs, spelling activities and various other activities, the children had great fun in the classroom and were unaware of how much English they were actually learning. I believe I am always dedicated to teach individual students and ensure they fully understand the lesson and grasped the different language points we have talked about.


I have graduated from university and did so with honors in visual culture. My artistic background has helped influence my teaching style as I always use colors in the classroom and also visual aids to help students learn. I also think I am creative within my thinking and if there is ever a problem, I can solve it effectively and as quickly as possible. I believe that variety is the key to any success and my personality will bring professionalism, patience and playfulness to any type of teaching.


As I have said, I am from the UK and after a year of teaching I understand the slight differences between American English and British English. Because of that, I am fully able to teach American English or British English. That would depend on specific preference which I am more than willing to fulfill. So I hope you can see that my passion for teaching and for helping others will reflect in my work and my previous experience has meant that I can make learning an enjoyable experience for any level of English.
Thanks very much for listening and goodbye.







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