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Hello, my name is Gilles. I come from the UK. I have an 80 hour online TEFL certificate and have completed a 20 hour practical teaching course. I have been teaching English for one year in Changhua City, Taiwan to various age groups. These age groups range from 7 to 16 years old. My main objective with the younger children was to help them with their pronunciation as it was a new language to them and to help build their confidence to speak the language freely. With the other children, especially those who studied GEPT, I helped them with their comprehension, their sentence making, their idioms and obviously their pronunciation also. In my teaching job, I taught a variety of subjects all in English such as science, social studies and geography. We also put on dramatisations and plays which I helped choreograph and write scripts for. There were also CDs which I recorded for my company to help the children learn and pronounce when I was not in the classroom. I think this showed a good deal of trust from my employer and good ability in teaching.

我從事英語教學已經一年囉!主要在台灣彰化市教學,針對各年齡組的學生,範圍從 7歲到16歲皆有。
針對小朋友,我主要的教學目標是幫助他們的發音,因為對於孩子來說,英文是一門新的語言,這將幫助他們建立信心,並能夠自在的發言。此外,我也研究全民英 檢(GEPT),幫助他們加強對該考試的理解力,還有英文造句、成語以及發音。

My teaching qualities: I would say I am a very patient teacher and I am able to come up with a variety of techniques to enable the students to comprehend what I am teaching or how to pronounce the words I am teaching. Usually giving a variety of examples or simplifying what is being taught is the best way to get them to understand. With pronunciation, I have found that repetition and disecting the word is usually the best way. I also created and conducted many oral tests which I then graded and commented on. I also graded many compositions and sentence making exercises.
I am a very outgoing person and I feel this is reflected in my teaching style. I have lots of fun in the classroom with my students but I always make sure they understand the lesson and get the most out of it.


Although I am from the UK, both schools I have taught in use American English so I have a full understanding in both the spelling and of course the pronunciation. I would completely leave it up to my employer, or in the case of one to one teaching, the student, as to whether they would prefer to learn British (UK) English or American English.
I feel I am trustworthy and reliable and I hope that together we can make earning English both fun and enjoyable. Thank you very much for listening.




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