Soon after the Watford-bound train pulled out of the station, a fellow traveller in Lucy’s carriage began singing the Bill Wither’s classic Lovely Day.


Within seconds the solo had turned into a full-choir a cappella version of the hit song, with two-thirds of the other passengers joining in.


Around 90 seconds into the rendition, Adam King - Lucy’s boyfriend of six years - steps forward.


"Lucy Rogers," he asks, "will you marry me?"


The romantic proposal has already become an internet sensation, with thousands of hits on YouTube. Mr. King, 34, told Sky News he started planning the proposal in April, enlisting the help of the Adam Street Singers, a show choir of which he is a member.


Lucy, who filmed the rendition thinking it was just "lovely" and "unusual", had no idea it was all for her.


With such a memorable marriage proposal, the couple, who are to start planning the big event, have got a lot to live up to.


"Perhaps a fancy dress parade on a mode of transport?", suggested Lucy.




pull A out of B:慣用語,將A從B抽離出來;離開。例句:He pulled the arrow out of the injured soldier and tried to stop the bleeding.(他把箭矢從受傷士兵身上抽出來,並試圖為他止血。)

have no idea:俚語,不知道,沒有頭緒。例句:I totally have no idea what’s going on here.



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