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Hi, my name is Max. I am originally from a beautiful country called South Africa. I have been living and teaching in Taiwan for 2 years. I love Taiwan. I think the people are very friendly, the culture is very interesting and the scenery is very beautiful.
I enjoy teaching English and encouraging students to speak better English. I always try to find ways to inspire students to improve their level of English and progress their English abilities. I am a friendly, honest teacher and I like to build friendly relationships with all my students. I believe learning can be fun! I take teaching very seriously and I hope that I can make a difference in my students’ lives. I hope that you feel comfortable and relaxed in my lessons and enjoy yourself while improving your English skills.

嗨! 我是麥斯。我來自於一個美麗的國家--南非。至今我已在台生活和教學兩年了。我愛台灣。我認為這裡的人們非常友善,文化非常有趣,風景非常美麗。我很享受英文教學以及鼓勵學生開口把英語說得更好。我總是試圖找尋方法啟發學生改善他們的英文程度並且提升他們的英文能力。我是一位個性友善、真誠的老師;我喜歡與學生們建立良好的關係。我相信學習可以是充滿樂趣的!我很重視教學而且我希望我能夠在學生的生活中帶來一些不同的感受。我希望在我的課堂上,你可以覺得很自在輕鬆,樂在其中,同時逐步改善你的英語能力。

Some of my teaching experiences include a lot of conversation classes about daily and general English. I also taught GEPT students and students taking IELTS tests. I taught elementary students, high school students, college students, adults, men and women. I taught all levels of English from very beginners to fluent English and all ages. So everyone is welcome. That’s me. Thank you. I look forward to meeting you. Goodbye!

我的一些教學經驗包括許多關於日常生活和一般的會話課程。我也教授過全民英檢和參加雅思檢定的學生。我教過所有級數的英文, 從非常基礎到流利, 和各種年紀的學生,從國小、高中、大學、成人都有。這就是我。感謝你。我期待與你見面。再見囉!



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