Rob And Neil discuss a rise in the number of people suffering from stress in the workplace.

This week's question: According to a survey carried out this year, what is considered to be the most stressful job? Is it:

a) A commercial airline pilot

b) A school teacher

c) A surgeon

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme(=program)!



-n. 名詞   a feeling of tension and worry;壓力; 緊張; 壓迫

-n. 名詞  being unavailable;不在, 缺席

-a. 形容詞   difficult, hard;堅韌的, 牢固的

-people who are paid to work for somebody

5.taking its toll-causing suffering, harm or damage

6.public sector-part of the economy that is controlled or supported financially by the government

7.organisational change[͵ɔrgənaɪˋzeʃənəl] [tʃendʒ]
-a. 形容詞  replacing the structure of a workplace with a different one

【英】=organizational (組織(上)的; 編制(中)的)

8.job security
-the probability of someone keeping their job for a long time

9.redundancy[rɪˋdʌndənsɪ]   複數-redundancies
-n. 名詞  jobs which will stop existing;過多, 多餘, 冗餘, 重複
ex:His speech is full of redundancies. 他的講話冗語連篇。

10.a strategy-a plan to achieve something

11.counselling-professional advice about a problem, often relating to mental health

【英】=counseling 咨詢服務  n. 名詞


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