There are fears that Happy Feet, the most famous but possibly the most unlucky penguin in the world, may have ended up as a predator’s lunch.


The wandering emperor penguin, who was nursed back to health after being found hundreds of miles from home on a New Zealand beach, was released back into the ocean last week.

But a GPS transmitter attached to him, so that his progress could be tracked back into Antarctic waters, stopped working last Friday - about half way to his destination in the Southern Ocean.

Experts said that while it is possible the device fell off and is sitting at the bottom of the ocean while Happy Feet continues safely on his journey, they fear he could also have met his fate in the jaws of a larger creature.

In an statement, Sirtrack, the company that attached the transmitter, told the New Zealand Herald that the lack of signal ’leads to the conclusion that either the satellite transmitter has detached or an unknown event has prevented Happy Feet from resurfacing’.


end up:片語,結束。例句:I think that the meeting won’t end up till midnight.(我想這場會議要到午夜才會結束。)

lead to the conclusion:慣用語,得出…的結論。

meet one’s fate:片語,被殺,死亡。

例句:On the tenth anniversary of 9/11 attacks in the US, Americans have a reason to feel safe and secure as the man behind the attacks - Osama bin Laden - has finally met his fate.(在911恐怖攻擊10周年之際,美國人有理由覺得安全,因為攻擊幕後主使——奧薩瑪.賓拉丹——終於喪命。)



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